Good one Faith!

Everyone asks me what led me to become an event planner and my one and only answer is Destiny and a little push from a very good friend who was also an event planner hersemontreal wedding planner, montreal event plannerlf ( and a damn good one at that!).

Having been friends for a few years I had already been exposed to a lot of what the event industry  had to offer in Montreal. This obviously helped me out when the time came to take on my first client! And for that I will always be grateful to her.

One referral was all it took and the rest was history. My first contract was a hit and made me discover the passion I had for this line of work. With a lot of hard work and dedication I finally opened my very own event planning company, Ansio Events.

Hope you enjoyed learning a bit about me, my next post will be more about the content I will be posting on my blog.


Bear with me I am still learning how to do this 🙂

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