6 Ways to Dress your Table Using a Printer

Fall has arrived and like anyone else it’s time to cozy up with a good book near the fireplace. YAH Right! Like any mother and entrepreneur every minute of my day is prescheduled and booked for either my family or work meetings. This being said, I love fall and everything that comes with it. I feel a sense of calm when the cold strikes in the morning and the smell just makes me feel all excited about the holiday events to come in the next months. With our hectic lifestyle it’s hard to manage life, work, family and let alone entertaining. Therefore I have put together some ideas to share with you, which are easy to do, and will help you prepare and dress your holiday table in minutes and be ready to host and greet your guests in no time using only your printer. So make sure you have enough ink and paper and let’s get started! 1. Place Cards Personalize your table setting by giving your guests preassigned seats using different types of place cards.  We have all seen or used the traditional place cards, but if you want to wow your guests you have to think outside the box. Here is an idea where I printed the names, cut them in thin strips and wrap them on each wine glass.

*Tip:Don’t forget to color coordinate every item you print which will be placed on that same table.

2. Menus One of the more common trends is having printed menus placed on each guests plate. Why not go a step further and put each guests name on their menu. This could serve as a place card and a menu. But if you’re running out of time it would be easier to print X amounts of one type of menu and customize it by adding the hosts (your) initials. 3. Welcome tags

These are very easy to do and add just the right amount of touch to make your table even more inviting. Here I had printed little welcome tags and attached them to each guests wine glass.

The same can be done by attaching them to a napkin or a bunch of herbs and placed on their plate. Just keep in mind that you don’t need to do too much to make your table stand out, one attention to detail can go a long way. 4. Napkin rings This is probably the easiest way to add a little class and personalization to your table. You can make napkin rings out of anything, ribbons, hair elastics, thread etc.
Here I decided to print the guests name and wrap them as rings. Can you believe all the cutlery I used are plastic?! Nice aren’t they! 5. Wine glass tags Next time you set up your table think of decorating your wine glasses to add that unique touch. Here I printed personalized tags, cut and placed them on the rim of my guests glass. You can use the idea posted previously in the welcome tag section, and print custom name tags and tie them to each glass stem. 6. Favors or gifts Finally, the last touch to any table setting is a small parting gift or a favor as some call it. Though it’s never mandatory, I just love preparing these, and think they add so much to the decor of any table. These work for any occasion weather it’s a private event, a birthday party or a wedding. Think of it as something your guests will remember you by after your wonderful dinner party. Here I found empty plastic boxes in which I added dried corn and wraped the same same picture with their names on it onto the box. The design of the leaves and the corn fit perfectly with the fall theme. I  will surely be on their mind next time they make popcorn! Hope you enjoyed my first blog post! Here are some of the templates for you to download. Happy Thanksgiving!      

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